Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Acme Air List Of Links

Acme Air is a open source sample application and benchmark designed to be cloud native, mobile enabled, and has been run at Web Scale (over 4 billion mobile and browser client requests per day).

Acme Air is currently implemented in both Java and Node with a variety of NoSQL data tier implementations.  The workload has been run across a few IaaS clouds, PaaS platforms and bare metal deployments.  Feel free to learn from the code, documentation and the user community.   We encourage you to contribute your own implementations of different runtimes, data tiers, and cloud providers.

Below is the information that continues to be updated over time.  If you have further questions, add some comments to the blog or jump into the user group discussion.


Introduction and Open Source Release - This blog cover the basic ideas of Acme Air.

Web Scale Part One - Historical Perspective and Functional Thoughts - This blog covers how this benchmark differs from other standardized benchmarks in scaling and performance.

Web Scale Part Two - Performance and Scaling Results - This blog covers a single "Web Scale" run of over 50,000 requests per secong (over 4 billion requests per day).

Acme Air Goes To The (Streaming) Movies - The AcmeAir / NetflixOSS Port - This blog covers a side project of Acme Air where we ported the application and operational approach to the NetflixOSS cloud platform.

Main Project Resources

Acme Air Open Source
Acme Air Wiki Documentation
User Group Discussion

Related works

Netflix OSS version of Acme Air
Netflix OSS version of Acme Air ported to WebSphere Liberty Profile
Netflix OSS Acme Air AMI's
Netflix OSS Acme Air running on the IBM SoftLayer cloud

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