Monday, August 5, 2013

Acme Air Netflix OSS Updated to Run on WebSphere Liberty

In a previous blog post I described work we did to experiment with the Netflix OSS cloud platform using the Acme Air sample cloud application.  In that post, I talked about runs done with the Tomcat server and the benefits the Netflix OSS platform offered.  We ran initially on Tomcat as the Netflix OSS had only been tested by Netflix on Tomcat (and Jetty/Netty) and on the Sun JVM.

In the last week or so, I did the work to understand how to run the same code on WebSphere Liberty on the IBM JVM.  Unfortunately due to conflicts, the code is still using the Jersey REST libraries that are required by the Netflix OSS components.  I am working to understand if these conflicts can be resolved to get back to using the built in feature in WebSphere Liberty for JAX-RS.  That said, with a minor patch to Governator (how it was identifying jar files for annotation scanning), I was able to get the rest of the Netflix OSS running on Liberty.

I think there are still a few small issues, but none that hurt basic functionality.  This isn't a statement of support and only represents personal experimentation, but if you are interested I can explain how to get what I've done working in your applications.

Also, in the most recent update, I updated all the currently used Netflix OSS components to their latest versions (ribbon - 0.2.0, hystrix - 1.2.18, karyon - 1.0.19, and the expected dependency versions).  We have also been working on a Cassandra implementation for a durable data store.  If there is interest in that data tier implementation, we'll get it posted to the project.

Finally, we created a list of future enhancements.  Take a look and tell me if there are items of interest to you and comment.  If there are items of interest to you, go ahead and comment with a +1 so we can see what items interest others.