Saturday, August 5, 2017

Netflix Titus Public Links

Titus is Netflix's container management platform. Titus includes a sophisticated scheduler based on Apache Mesos that handles not only advanced resource scheduling, but also key operational aspects to manage clusters of over 1000's of nodes. Titus also has a container runtime based on top of Docker that provides advanced security, cpu, disk, memory and network isolation and features such as GPU's and NFS storage. Titus currently launches over one million containers per week across three regions in the AWS public cloud across hundreds of Netflix workloads.

For all public information on Titus see the following links:

We're hiring (job posting, our culture)!

AWS re:invent 2017: Elastic Load Balancing Deep Dive and Best Practices (NET402). This talk focused on the Application Load Balancer (ALB) support recently added to Titus.

Updates on Netflix’s Container Management Platform

ACM Queue Article: Titus: Introducing Containers to the Netflix Cloud

A Series of Unfortunate Container Events (video, slides) - QCon NYC 17. This talk focuses of the lessons learned operationally running a container management platform at scale for over a year.

The Evolution of Container Usage at Netflix - Netflix Techblog

Netflix Container Scheduling, Execution, and integration with AWS (video, slides) - AWS re:Invent 2016. This talk focuses on the architecture of Titus and specifically on how we integrated it with key AWS EC2 features such as VPC, security groups, and IAM.

Scheduling a Fuller House: Container Management at Netflix (video, slides) - QCon NYC 16. This talk focuses on our scheduling technology and the open source Fenzo library.

A fan site asking if Titus is open source yet. No, Titus is not open source, yet. As to why, see the Hacker News discussion. We are making progress as covered in our most recent techblog post and are now in private open source collaboration with many companies.

Titus logos (logo, head, head square)

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